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The average yield of NPF "VSE" for the last 3 years amounted to 35,23%

Dear contributors and participants of NPF "VSE"

We inform you that on the basis of 3 years (2014-2016.) from the beginning of the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine the yield NPF "VSE" was 105.69%, which is one of the best results in the market, the average yield for the last three years was 35.23%.

Such a high yield of the fund became possible due to the professional work of AMC "Vseswit", the change of investment strategy and the diversification of currency asset portfolio.

For the entire period of activity yield of the fund amounted to 235.29%.

Assets NPF "VSE" as of 31.12.2016 amounted to 53.808 mln. UAH

On 31.12.2016 the total number of participants of NPF "VSE" - 4 165 people, the number of contributors - 632 (40 legal entities and 591 individual, 1 entrepreneur).

Since the beginning of NPF "VSE" has made payments in the total amount of 23.65 mln. UAH

 Asset Structure:

The fund's assets are diversified by 26 investment baskets

From 2017 Ukraine plans to implement mandatory accumulative pension provision

You can already make sure that you, your family and friends can receive a mandatory accumulative pension from NPF «VSE». To do this only necessary to sign the pension contract and become a member of NPF «VSE», and as soon as the legal opportunity to send the required contributions to the NPF will appear, we will immediately inform you and help to get necessary documents.


For more information contact:

·         by phone 0-800-501-925(free of charge from stationary phones in Ukraine, mobile phone according to tariffs of your operator);

·         by phone in Kiev (044) 207-02-97, 207-02-94 ;

·         by e-mail ;

·         by the address 04119, Kiev, Belorusskya str., 23,

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