Yield NPF VSE for the year was 20,43%

Net value of the pension assets unit on 31.01.2016 is 2,9452 UAH.

The increase in the net unit cost of pension assets in for the year 20,43%.

Yield of NPF «VSE» from the beginning of the fund is 194,52%.

NPF «VSE» has survived the crisis period, Asset Management Company «Vseswit» in time formed a crisis management structure of the investment portfolio for the fund. Despite the fact that in 2014, contributors have suspended the payment of fees due to the military situation in the country, in 2015 level of contributions exceeded the payments, demonstrating the high level of trust to the fund. NPF «VSE» despite the economic and political situation did not stop the payment of pensions.

As 31.01.2016 assets of NPF «VSE» amounted to 45, 809 million UAH

As 31.01.2016 total number of participants of NPF «VSE»  - 4 165  people, the number of contributors – 618 (25 legal entities, 592 individuals and 1 entrepreneur).

Since the beginning NPF «VSE» has made payments  for a total amount of 21 million  537 thousands UAH

Assets structure on 31.01.2016:

Assets % of assets
Bank deposits 49,38%
Government bonds 38,74%
Other assets 7,30%
Banking metals 2,51%
Shares    2,07%
The fund's assets are diversified by 28 investment baskets. The share of assets in the US dollar in the fund's portfolio is 86,47%, in EUR is 5,60% in UAH – 7,93%
Sectoral structure on 31.01.2016

Sector    % of assets
Banks * 50,51%
Budget organizations and institutions 38,74%
IT 6,22%
Bank metals 2,51%
Energy 0,58%
Oil and gas industry 0,50%
Engineering 0,43%
Metallurgy 0,34%
Coke industry 0,17%

* Including deposits 49,38%

Regional structure on 31.01.2016

Region % of assets
Kharkov    3,03%
Lvov 0,87%
Donetsk 0,62%
Zaporozhye 0,40%
Lugansk 0,03%


From 2017 Ukraine plans to implement mandatory accumulative pension provision

You can already make sure that you, your family and friends can receive a mandatory accumulative pension from NPF «VSE». To do this only necessary to sign the pension contract and become a member of NPF «VSE», and as soon as the legal opportunity to send the required contributions to the NPF will appear, we will immediately inform you and help to get necessary documents.

For more information contact:

•    by phone 0-800-501-925 (free of charge from stationary phones in Ukraine, mobile phone according to tariffs of your operator);
•    by phone in Kiev (044) 207-02-97, 207-02-94 ;
•    by e-mail info@vseapf.com.ua ;
•    by the address 04119, Kiev, Belorusskya str., 23,
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